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“Wow Factor Team Build” (WFTB) is a Membership Site… a Private Group, providing Downloadable eBooks, Tax Saving Tools, and Educational Resources through Direct Sales, for starting a Business (or growing your existing Business), by Creating and Growing Money, and learning about which Business structure is best suited for each individual. And then our Members can “Protect” their Wealth by learning about Tax Deductions, Gold and Silver, The Infinite Banking Concept, and Estate Planning, (i.e., Family Trusts).

The Membership site “Wow Factor Team Build” and the founder, Cydney Buckman do not intend, with this information, to render legal, accounting, or other professional advice. With regards to the licensing of a business enterprise, income generation, or any other legal or accounting matters, the Membership site recommends that the Member seek the advice of an appropriately licensed professional.

Phase 1 is Our “Working” Phase… Phase 2 is Our “Live Life to the Fullest” Phase. How soon would You Like to Reach Phase 2?

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“Simply become Self-Sufficient, Solvent, and Wildly Successful… By Creating, Growing, and Protecting Wealth.”